Sunday, 19 June 2011


Dr. Cures Cancer

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Getting my non profit off the Ground

I haven't made my mind up on the type of help I want to provide. I know I want to help in these areas. I want to provide Food, Shelter, Basic Health Care, Employment, and Education. I feel these are the needs that must be met. I also believe my home town of Andrews SC is the place where most of the resources should be provided. This is where I will have my biggest challenge. Due to the small size and location. But I am up to the challenge. With your help we can make a lot of peoples lives better.

I will never forget you Pops

You might think it gets easier with time but it doesn't. There is not a day that goes by that I do not wish I could talk to my Dad. I miss all the times we had the good and the bad. I miss the late night calls. I miss it all. I regret not spending more time with you when I had the chance. I thought you would live forever. I started to write this as a post but it ended as a note to my Pops. I know you looking down on me and loving how far I have came in this last year. You know. I love You and we all miss you so much. Megan keeps your picture with her at all times. Love you and everyone else in heaven with you.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Time and Date set for William H. Turners Memorial

William H. Turner's memorial will take place at Andrews Cemetary, located on  Hwy 521. The memorial will start at 3pm on Sun. Oct. 3rd.  This service will be open to the public.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Taking Daddy Home

By tomorrow this time, I will have traveled over 6000 miles and through 19 states. It was exhausting in a lot of ways, frustrating, heart wrenching. How do people do this? Do they walk around with a lump in their throat for the rest of their lives?
Going home was not easy; leaving was even harder to do. The worst part was leaving without seeing you. I told you that me and Will would take you home. I didn't realize at the time that it would be like this, but it was the least I could do and I am honored to do it. It was worth it, and I'd do it again if I could.
Will has dreams about you. Sometimes I wish we could switch. I wish this were the dream and his dreams were our reality. Mainly I wish I had been nicer to you when I had the chance, hugged you when I had the chance, told you I love you when I had the chance.
I needed to go home, needed to see our family, needed to be reminded of who we are and where we are from, and get my accent back. It may be silly, but you loved to travel, and road trips, and I hope I took you to some of the places you loved. You are in my Mama's kitchen for now, probably high on the list of your favorite places. Regardless, you are now home forever.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Can Andrews be saved?

     Is it possible to save my hometown? I say yes. There are too many good people there to believe that it can not be. For the past 20 years I have watched the town go down. Now it is at the point that if we do not do something about it. It could be lost forever. If you are asking yourself what is he talking about then you have been under a rock the last 20 years.
    There are a few things we can do to help.
    1st make it your business. By this I mean if you see something that isn't right. Scream that it is wrong!
Our kids are exposed to so much, so young it is unreal. I am about to air some dirty laundry so if you are offended, then I am talking to you. DRUGS have got to stop. Stop doing them. Stop selling them. For this to take place kids need a way to make money. There are zero jobs there. We need better drug education. Teach it in church. The kids need to be taught about the dangers. There is more Cocaine in that town  than Den, Co.. In my mine this is the biggest challenge facing our kids. Teach your children. Take them to places that suck and say this is what happens when you do drugs. Stop the music. The Media is out to destroy our kids minds. Why do kids need an I-Phone for example. Are they running a corporation? It makes no sense. Turn the TV and computer off. Make them read, and work. So they can appreciate a dollar.  
   2nd the police.  If we allow the police to conduct themselves the way they have then we deserve having a lawless town. Not all the cops are crooks, only most.  Power corrupts. I firmly believe that any new cop hired should be from out of town. Too many conflicts of interest. It is hard to arrest your cousin or friend.  The town is too small. We can go to the town meetings and demand this, if it doesn't change replace the council and mayor. The power is in the people. We are the people, so it is our responsibility. I have joked that I could stop the drugs easily, by parking a cruiser at the motel, Jones Ave. and Main st.. When people start moving scared, pull them over. Why don't they do that? hmmm. Most people do not want to get involved, but we must. That motel is a shame. I have been all over this Country and I am here to tell you that this isn't normal. It is something you only see in the worst of places.
    3rd Activities. The people with out money need something to do. So my Idea is the river. The landing needs to be improved. Add benches, tables, grills, rope off an area for swimming. Things like that. I know money is tight but look at the money spent in PI. They pay the same tax rate. There are grants and other resources that are untapped. There other ideas out there I am sure.
    4th Repeal the old trailer law. It is running people out of town and destroying the tax base. I am not saying we need junk trailers in town either. The trailers could be judged on a case by case basis. Some people take care of their things. So it makes no sense to have a blanket law. In case no one told you people in Andrews are poor.
     5th Annex land towards GT. and the river. This would expand the tax base dramatically. The little bit extra it would cost the town for services would be a non factor.
     6th Help each other we are brothers and sisters in Gods eye's. Black and White people need to get over it. This is now and if we do not work together we are doomed. The town must unite to solve these problems the town faces. The days of saying, "Oh thats not my problem" have to end. For too long I have been on the sidelines. So I had to put my 2 cents in. I pray that the non profit I'm founding can help. But it takes us all.
    Too often we put all the work on God. I do not believe we understand we are Gods tools. We are his hands of course he can intervene. But he wants us to do some of the ground work. We are his children. For instance we expect our kids to do certain things on there own. We do not hand feed an 11 year old. At some point the kid must do it themselves. I honestly think God has spoiled a lot of us. Maybe even to teach us a lesson. If you are someone that wants to help I will create a private email where I can be contacted.